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Welcome to Sahan Journal! We are an independent, nonprofit, digital-first news organization dedicated to chronicling the struggles, successes and transformations of Minnesota’s immigrant communities, whose stories are often overlooked by mainstream news organizations. We are launching soon.

As Minnesota becomes more diverse, Sahan will provide fair, quality reporting that illuminates issues affecting Minnesota’s New Americans. Our nonprofit newsroom will bring the life experiences of these New Americans to the mainstream, with the authenticity, sensitivity and compassion that they deserve.

In addition, Sahan will create a pipeline into the journalism profession for college students from immigrant backgrounds. Students who go through our program will acquire journalism skills through a years-long training program under the mentorship of professional journalists.

It's challenging being an immigrant in today’s polarized America. At a time when hateful and relentless crusades against immigrants have infected the political rhetoric and have even seeped into some media coverage, we need more accurate and nuanced stories that present the reality of what it means to be an immigrant in Minnesota.

Sahan Journal in the Press

Here are some news outlets that have featured Sahan Journal's impending launch.

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Mukhtar M. Ibrahim

Executive Editor