Relationships in Flux: Somali Stories

This is the first part of a two-part series of true stories of some Somalis in America and their relationships. The series is part of a book the writer is finishing titled, “Courtship and Marriage: The Somali Experience in America.” The names of these individuals and their locations have been changed for privacy reasons.

Close, yet far away

Excerpted from chapter one of Mogadishu Memoir by Hassan M. Abukar (AuthorHouse, 2015). The book is available at Amazon. * * * “Go, greet your father,” my mother commanded me. 

Have you hugged your ‘ayeeyo’ lately?

Amina Mohamed is 77, the mother of seven, the “ayeeyo” (grandmother) of 42, and the great grandmother of seven.

Will ISIS woo al-Shabaab into the fold?

Boko Haram’s recent pledge of allegiance to ISIS, the first by a sub-Saharan Africa jihadi group, has raised questions about another African group — al-Shabaab. Will the Somali militant group follow suit and join ISIS, too?

Going somewhere: Joe Biden and Somali cab drivers

Somalis are in the news this week in the U.S. No, it is not about piracy or al-Shabaab bombing in Africa. It is actually about something that is work-related. In a White House conference addressing the issue of stopping extremist violence (Oops, there we go again), U.S. Vice President Joe Biden expressed his positive attitude… Continue reading…

Mixed Somalis Are No Strangers to Awkward Questions

When Zulaikha, a light-skinned red head, was in kindergarten, she had an epiphany. She found out that her Somali mother was unique. At the time, Zulaikha was a student in a predominantly white school in California. When the young children saw a black woman picking her up after classes and sometimes volunteering at their school,… Continue reading…

Deconstructing a Myth: How One Somali Woman Saved Her Man

The following is a true story of a young man I met in California while doing research on Somali families in the U.S. His short but powerful story intrigued me because it debunks certain cultural myths, perceptions, and misperceptions about the role of women in Somali culture. I will let Dalmar (not his real name)… Continue reading…

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