Garissa children, victims of circumstance

To many Somalis of my generation, education was (and still is) the way out of the dusty villages we were born in and the attendant backbreaking labor. I cannot emphasize enough how schooling has had a great impact on our lifestyles, from that of our nomadic ancestors to a new, modern world, a world that… Continue reading…

OpEd: Africa can’t watch as Burundi bleeds

Under his name are numerous awards and accolades and out of the many, “Model Leader for a New Africa Award,” was an interesting one.

South Africa, don’t let ubuntu die

“United for Bafana.” These were the words on a Mozambican national’s armbands, who was stabbed several times and killed as he pleaded for mercy from his attackers. In the eyes of his ruthless killers, he had ceased to be a fellow human being but rather a wild animal, an enemy to be slaughtered without much… Continue reading…

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