Professionals from northeastern Kenya discuss education crisis in the region

The education crisis in the semi-arid northeastern region of Kenya took centre stage Saturday during the inaugural North Eastern Counties University Students Association conference held in Nairobi. The convention, “Ideas of today realities of tomorrow,” enticed students, professionals and politicians who hail from the three counties, which have often complained of massive marginalization from successive… Continue reading…

Lend an ear to my plea

Adan Mahad is a class eight student and prefect at Madogashe Primary School in north-eastern Kenya. In a few weeks, he’ll sit for the primary national examination called KCPE. Is he ready for it? Here’s his story. Enough is enough. The past five weeks have been the hardest time of my life. Imagine walking 10 kilometers a day… Continue reading…

#WalkofHope: Kenya’s northeastern residents to walk 1,000 kilometers

Hundreds of residents from northeastern Kenya Saturday started an 800-kilometer walk dubbed “Walk of Hope” that aims to create awareness about the region’s deteriorating security and lack of development.

Land ownership in Kenya continues to be a thorny issue

Since the attainment of independence in 1963, the land issue has been on many a Kenyan’s mind. Many have claimed that the government extended the “land grabbing conveyor belt” pioneered by the British.

#GarissaAttack: How Kenyan media covers terrorist attacks

On Thursday April 2, four gunmen made their way into Garissa’s pioneer institution of higher education – Garissa University College – and, starting the early hours of the morning, killed 148 students at dawn.

What the Garissa attack means for locals

The worst attack on Kenyan soil, after the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, occurred on Thursday morning in Garissa in northeastern Kenya. Four al-Shabaab militants entered a university in Garissa and killed 147 people, according to Kenyan disaster agency.

For Kenyan-Somalis, One Bridge Defines Their Belonging

I have always wanted to write about what I face, about what we — Somalis travelling from north eastern Kenya — face when coming to the capital Nairobi. In August this year, I travelled from Nairobi to Garissa to visit my family for a week. The journey from the capital to Garissa in north eastern… Continue reading…

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