‘We will revolutionize Somali politics’: Mustafa Omer heralds new era for Somali Regional State

Somali Regional State President Mustafa M. Omer, second from right, arrives Sunday in Jigjiga from Addis Ababa for his swearing in at the regional parliament.    Mustafa M. Omer, a humanitarian worker and activist whose brother was ruthlessly killed in 2016 by agents of the ousted president Abdi Mohamud Omar, was sworn in on Sunday… Continue reading…

Relationships in Flux (Part 5): Somali Stories

This is part five of a series about true stories of Somalis living in the U.S. and their relationships. The series is part of a book the author is working on titled,“Courtship and Marriage: The Somali Experience in America.” The author has interviewed three dozen people whose names and locations have been changed for privacy… Continue reading…

Second woman from diaspora announces candidacy for president of Somalia

Anab Mohamed Dahir has been thinking about Somalia ever since she came back from Mogadishu in 2013. Now, Anab, who lives in the Minnesota town of St. Cloud, wants to do something to change Somalia’s current situation. She’s declared candidacy for president of Somalia.

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