Dar es Salaam Building Collapse Kills At Least 15

At least 15 people died and dozens more are trapped on Friday after a multi-storey building collapsed in the centre of Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam, police said.

“Fifteen bodies have been recovered from the rubble,” Dar es Salaam Police Commander Suleiman Kova told reporters at the scene. “So far, only two people have been rescued alive, but the rescue operation is still ongoing.”

Those trapped under the debris are said to have been making phone calls to friends and relatives to be rescued.

“I thought there was an earthquake and then I heard screaming. The whole building fell on itself,” eyewitness Musa Mohamed told the AFP news agency.

Residents were seen trying to rescue those trapped by digging through the rubble of the building, which was believed to have 16 floors.

“There are several people trapped inside the building,” Hamisi Mgosi, a trader in Kariakoo, told Reuters. “A boy called his father through his cellphone from inside the collapsed building and told him he can’t breathe.”

There were also pleas for blood donation to the injured victims

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