Journalism at a Crossroads: Highlights from the 2015 World Press Freedom Day celebrations

On May 3 and 4, I attended the World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Riga, Latvia. Co-hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the theme of this year’s event was “Let Journalism Thrive! Towards Better Reporting, Gender Equality & Media Safety in the Digital Age.”

South Africa, don’t let ubuntu die

“United for Bafana.” These were the words on a Mozambican national’s armbands, who was stabbed several times and killed as he pleaded for mercy from his attackers. In the eyes of his ruthless killers, he had ceased to be a fellow human being but rather a wild animal, an enemy to be slaughtered without much… Continue reading…

Somalia’s passport is more powerful than those of Ethiopia, Djibouti

Somalia – a country that is slowly recovering from more than two decades of civil war – surprisingly has a better passport than some of its neighbors in the Horn of Africa.

EU’s new approach to curb migration from Horn of Africa is worrying

The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, in which thousands of migrants have drowned attempting to cross into Europe, highlights the urgency there is to find a solution to tackling certain forms of migration from North Africa and the Middle East.

9 Books About East and Horn of Africa You Need to Read Before End of 2013

Writer and poet Taban Lo Liyong, a well known literary figure in the region, described East Africa as “a literary desert.” He made these remarks in 1969, his view being that the region didn’t produce distinguished writers, or if it did, there was no body of work worthy of artistic merit. More than 40 years… Continue reading…

Jeffrey Gettleman and Western Media’s Narrow View of Africa

Many foreign writers on Africa are guilty of two extremes – condescension and too much praise, with the former being more dominant. It is easy to see why it is so much simpler to be disdainful. Arrogance does not require mental application. In fact, it shows a certain degree of laziness. All one has to… Continue reading…

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