Somali man shot dead through his apartment door in Alberta

A Somali man was shot dead in his apartment in Fort McMurray city in Canada’s Alberta province as he was answering a knock at his door on Monday night, CBC News reported.

Somali police arrest al-Shabaab suspect dressed as woman

Somali security forces Tuesday arrested an al-Shabaab suspect they said disguised himself as a woman in Mogadishu’s Hodan district.

Wealthy Somalis hide over $15 million in secret Swiss bank accounts

Seven Somalis held more than $15 million in secret bank accounts in the global banking giant HSBC’s private bank in Switzerland, according to documents leaked to the media.

Hibo Nuura quits the music industry

Hibo Mohamed Hudoon (Hibo Nuura), one of the most prominent Somali singers who captivated thousands of fans with her nationalist and love songs in the late 1980s, has quit the music industry, citing religious reasons.

Somali man kills his 39-year-old wife in Norway

A Somali man is in prison after he allegedly confessed to killing his 39-year-old wife in the Norwegian town of Askøy on Wednesday, officials said.

The parable of the Good Somalian

Editor’s Note: Sahan Journal is experimenting with short stories of 1,200-2,500 words. Our inaugural short story this week is by Somali-Canadian writer Gh Wiilwaal. *** These are trying times to be a Somali in this country —Canada— and the headlines do not always help our lot, which is why what I had recently learned from… Continue reading…

U.S. drone strike kills senior al-Shabaab leader

WASHINGTON — A U.S. drone strike killed a senior al-Shabaab leader near Dinsoor district of Bay region on Saturday, U.S. officials said.

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