Daily Nation Issues Incorrect Correction On Al-Shabaab Story


Two weeks after mixing up the name of an al-Shabaab spokesman with that of a British-Somali journalist, Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper has issued an erroneous correction.

In the front page story published on Sept. 28, the newspaper incorrectly stated that al-Shabaab spokesman “Hamza Mohammed” dismissed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s warning that he will punish those who were behind the attack on Westgate shopping mall last month. 

On Thursday, the Kenyan newspaper published a correction for the article stating how they “referred to the al-Shabaab spokesman as Abu Hamza Mohammed instead of Sheikh Abulaziz Abu Muscab.”

“We apologise to Mr Abu Hamza Mohammed and his associates for any inconvenience or embarrassment that may have been occasioned to him,” the newspaper wrote in a correction published in page 10 of the newspaper.

Hamza Mohamed is a journalist working with Al Jazeera English who had interviewed  al-Shabaab spokesman following the attack on the Westgate mall.

However, Daily Nation’s correction note needs another correction, given the number of typographical errors and mistakes that are incorporated in the less than 100 word correction.

First, the journalist’s names is not “Abu Hamza,” as the paper said it in the correction note. It also distorts his surname from Mohamed with one ‘m’ to “Mohammed” with double ‘m’.

The paper also misspells the name of al-Shabaab spokesman as “Abulaziz” instead of Abdulaziz.

On Thursday, journalist Mohamed called the newspaper’s correction as “correcting a mistake with another mistake.”

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