Kenyans on Twitter React to Presidential Debate in Kiswahili

After conducting the first Kenyan presidential debate entirely in English, debate moderators relented to calls from Kiswahili scholars who advocated for the use of the national language in the second and final debate. And with that, the candidates tackled the most pressing issues such as land and resettlement of the internally displacement persons in Kiswahili.

The scholars warned that continuous use of English language in official and such debates will push Kenyans to losing their identity and unity.

“We define ourselves starting from the language, Kiswahili is our identity and shunning it is equivalent to killing our identity. We derive our unity from our uniformity in our language as well,” Mbiera said.

Going forward the scholars threatened to move to court to pressure the incoming government to be using Kiswahili in all public speeches in all government communications.

“If they don’t want to empress this language, after our appeal today we the Kiswahili lecturers and enthusiast will use all means to ensure government recognizes this language,” Momanyi said. — The Star reported.

In case you missed the Kiswahili part of the debate, watch it here:

What followed was a field day for Kiswahili ‘graders’ on Twitter. Few cared less what the politicians were talking about.

And finally…

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