Nairobi Governor Slaps Woman, Twitter Reacts

Nairobi County Governor Evans Kidero denied slapping Rachel Shebesh, the county’s Women Representative, during a confrontation at his office on Friday.

Shebesh was reportedly among council workers who stormed Kidero’s office Friday afternoon demonstrating over pay rise demands when the alleged slapping happened.

“I was in my office but I don’t remember or have any recollection of slapping anyone,” Kidero said in a press conference. “All I know is that a group of people about 30-40 tried to force themselves into my office led by a honourable member of parliament.”

In numerous videos of the incident posted online, Shebesh is seen talking to Kidero at his office in City Hall. After a few minutes, the videos show what appears Kidero slapping Shebesh. “You have slapped me Kidero,” Shebesh is heard saying as chaos ensues in the scene. “You have slapped me.”

The incident provoked ire on social media with hashtags like #SlapThemLikeKidero and #KideroMeltdown trending on Twitter.

The slapping was also linked to tax hike in Nairobi County which sparked a public outcry. The prices of traditionally tax-exempt goods like milk and bread are now required to pay 16 percent tax. The value added tax on electricity consumption was also increased from 12 to 16 percent.

However, most social media users used the incident as a way to create stinging humor regarding the two officials:

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