Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Presidency, Final Election Results Show

Jubilee Coalition’s presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta won Kenya’s presidential elections in the wee hours of Saturday morning with a slim margin of 50.03% of total votes cast, according to official results from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The election commission did not announce the winner, but said it would give a formal announcement on Saturday at 11 a.m. According to election rules, a candidate must not only get more than 50% of the total votes cast but also must get at least 25% of the votes in 24 out of the country’s 47 counties.

On March 4th, Kenyans headed to the polls in large numbers to elect the country’s fourth president in a tightly-contested general election. The vote counting began in late afternoon on the same day after a largely peaceful election in which millions of voters came out as early as 4 a.m. to vote. The large turnout, which was put at 86% of the country’s 14 million voters, kept some polling stations open beyond the 5 p.m. deadline as many people were still in line to cast their votes.

Sahan Journal is following the election results as they are released. Winning presidential candidate needs to get 50% of total votes cast + 1 vote and 25% in half of the country’s 47 counties.

Saturday – March 9, 2013

William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta Victory Speeches

10:47 A.M We are waiting for the IEBC to pronounce the winner at 11 am.

02:40 A.M. BREAKING:  With all 291 constituencies are counted, Uhuru garnered 6,173,433 or 50.03% of total votes cast. Raila is at 43.28% or 5,340,546 votes. Total votes cast is 12,338,667.

All projections now lead to the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta might be Kenya’s next president. However, IEBC will give the final audited and verified tally on Saturday at 11 am and officially announce the fourth president of Kenya.

02:10 A.M. With 290 out of 291 constituencies counted, the votes for Kenyatta now stand at 6,165,775 or 50.04%. Total votes cast: 12,321,164.

01:00 A.M. With 285 out of 291 constituencies counted, Kenyatta now has 6,035,582 votes (49.72%) and Odinga is at 5,285,771 (43.54%). The total votes cast is 12,139,379 with rejected votes standing at 107,595.

12:00 A.M. New results from Independent Electoral Commission puts Raila Odinga at just over the 5 million mark at 5,063,829 and Uhuru Kenyatta at 5,847,115. The electoral commission also stated they will announce the final presidential results on Saturday March 9 at 11:00 A.M.

Friday – March 8, 2013

As the final tally of results trickled in, Kenyans – and people from around the world – took to social media to predict who will carry the day and to discuss the elections in general.

11.00 P.M. Raila Odinga now gains over 100,000 votes hitting 4,963,171 and Uhuru Kenyatta now at 5,844,843.

10:45 P.M. Raila Odinga now at 4,859,698 and Uhuru Kenyatta leading at 5,829,279.

10:30 P.M. Mohamed Dida, who joined the presidential race three weeks to election, has beaten seasoned politicians like Martha Karua and Paul Muite to garner 51,093 votes.

10:00 P.M. Paul Muite is the presidential candidate with the least votes so far in the Kenya elections with 11,373.

09:40 P.M. Uhuru Kenyatta leading at almost a million votes – 994,301 to be precise – as 263 out of 291 constituencies counted.

09:20 P.M. Uhuru Kenyatta still leading at 5,544,011, with Raila Odinga in second position at 4,735,854 votes.

06:30 P.M. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission announced that it will audit the presidential results before announcing the final winner in this decisive vote.

05:30 P.M. The High Court in Kenya dismisses a civil society petition seeking to stop the tallying of the presidential votes in Kenya’s elections.

04:30 P.M. The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Trial Chamber V sets start of trial date for William Ruto and Joshua Sang on May 28, 2013.

04:10 P.M. About 71 constituencies out of 291 remained to be counted. 

08:34 A.M. Jubilee Coalition presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta at 4,705,403, with the Cord Coalition’s Raila at 4,071,785.

08:00 A.M.  Uhuru is still ahead with 4,532,430 votes to Raila’s 4,018,800

The Star’s Front Page: Uhuru to Control Parliament and Senate


Uhuru is now leading by 50.09%  while Raila has 44.04%.

06:13 A.M.  188/291 Constituencies; Uhuru 4,299,589 Raila 3,718,203 Rejected 80,062 Total votes cast 8,500,520.

04:22 A.M. Official results from 185 out of 291 Constituencies indicate that Uhuru is still ahead with 4,104,247 votes while Raila has 3,680,440 votes.  Rejected votes so far are 78,232. Total votes cast 8,261,274.

Thursday – March 7, 2013

 11:30 P.M. Official results from 163 out of 291 constituencies have come in, with Kenyatta at 3,522,127 and Odinga at 3,299,391. Total rejected votes are 69,461.

10:30 P.M. With 158 out of 291 constituencies counted, Kenyatta’s lead has shrunk from 53% to 49.58% as Odinga trails behind with 45.84%.

01:05 A.M. Official results from 46 out of 291 constituencies have come in, with Kenyatta at 1,119,761 and Odinga at 819,573. There are 290 constituencies in Kenya, but the Diaspora vote constitutes a constituent of its own.

12:30 A.M. With results trickling in from constituencies across Kenya, Odinga now holds the lead at 778,266 with Kenyatta coming in second at 765,434.

12:00 A.M. Uhuru Kenyatta leads at 674,993 with Raila Odinga coming in second with  538,891.

Wednesday – March 6, 2013

7:30 P.M. IEBC decides to manually recount all the results as they come in. Chairman Isaack Hassan holds a press conference saying they hope to have all returning officers in Nairobi by tomorrow.

7:00 P.M. Kenya National Congress presidential candidate Peter Kenneth holds press conference on the status of the presidential elections.

Tuesday – March 5, 2013

08:30 P.M. The election commission says it will announce official results on Wednesday after experiencing a delay in transmission of the results from polling centers. It urges voters to remain calm.

The Atlantic Wire becomes fist Western media organisation to call the elections for Kenyatta in a headline titled, “Kenya Just Elected a President Charged with ‘Crimes Against Humanity.'”


BREAKING: Kenya National Congress presidential candidate Peter Kenneth has conceded defeat.

6:15 P.M. Ken Opalo, a Kenyan political analysts, says Kenyatta’s commanding early lead could give a first round win for the Jubilee candidate.

“So far the situation looks bleak for Odinga,” Opalo said.  “While he outperformed in Western region, in the backyard of third candidate Musalia Mudavadi, so far results show that he underperformed in most parts of North Eastern and northern Kenya. He also did not meet the minimum votes he required in the Rift Valley.”

5:00 P.M. Kenyatta has 2,697,056 votes (53.60%) while Odinga is trailing behind with 2,170,670 (41.88%).

4:05 P.M. Odinga’s running mate Kalonzo Musyoka is concerned about the slow pace of releasing results. He said CORD is confident of victory.

Here is part of his statement:

We have noted that the process of releasing results by IEBC system is slow even in areas as close as Nairobi City and we have forwarded our concerns in this regard to them and we hope they will deal with them expeditiously and transparently.

We note with worry that there are those amongst our competitors who have not resisted the temptation to engage in premature celebrations that are neither based on data or fact.

The facts of the situation are that only approximately one third of all provisional results have been announced. There are about two thirds of all polling stations that are yet to report their results.

It is important that we await the outcome of the remaining two thirds of the polling stations in order to make any conclusion about the result of this election.

Consequently we appeal for calm and call on our supporters to relax because we are confident that after all votes are in CORD will carry the day.

4:00 P.M. The wait for the completion of the official results will definitely be very long. Here is the most up-to-date results.


9: 12 A.M. Kenyatta hits 2 million votes: 2,003,672. Odinga trails with 1,517,854 with 32% of total votes counted.

Nairobi streets, which were full with long lines of people waiting to cast their votes this time yesterday morning, are now quiet.

9:00 A.M. The National Rainbow Coalition candidate and the only female contender Martha Karua has 13,217 or 0% of total provisional votes as of 9:00 a.m. She says she is not out yet.

8:50 A.M. Kenyatta: 1,946,369 (54.21%),  Odinga: 1,479,735 (41.18%).

Can Kenyatta hold on to his early lead?

As of 7:30 a.m., the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s official results page is showing that Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta  has garnered 54% of total provisional results. CORD presidential candidate Raila Odinga is following with 41% of total provisional results.


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