Obama Extends Sanctions Against Somalia Spoilers

US President Barack Obama on Thursday extended for one year sanctions against individuals or organizations engaged in acts threatening the stability of Somalia.

The sanction, which was in place since April 2010, comes less than three months after the United States officially recognized the Somali government for the first time in more than two decades.

“Although the U.S. recognition underscores a strong commitment to Somalia’s stabilization, it does not remove the importance of U.S. sanctions, especially against persons undermining the stability of Somalia,” Obama said in a statement on April 4. “For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency with respect to Somalia and to maintain in force the sanctions to respond to this threat.”

In June, 2012 Obama ordered a ban on charcoal imports from Somalia, which he said generates “significant revenue for al-Shabaab.” The ban also froze the assets of individuals accused of threatening the peace in Somalia, imposed sanction on any one misappropriating Somali public funds, using children in armed conflicts or committing certain acts of violence against civilians.

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