OpEd: Complaining about CNN’s coverage of Kenya is ‘plain stupid’


I have no idea what Kenyans are complaining about. Incidents of violence, whether politically motivated or just criminally driven, happen with abandon. Worse, most are being forgotten without any resolution; who instigated them, who was involved, where are they, dead, alive, inside the country, outside of it. Cases of insecurity just come and go. Westgate? A mall is devastated, a nation shaken by such a brazen crime yet Kenyans have the luxury of forgetting that the government did not identify the perpetrators, did not proof life or death of the killers. The mall just reopens and that’s it.

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Garissa University. One perpetrator is identified because it serves the government’s policy to blame the Somali community for the crimes. The other two or three, reportedly non-Somalis are not identified. We know nothing about the planning and execution of the heinous crime. We know so much about the appalling security failures that made it impossible to either preempt the attack or respond appropriately after it happened. What did you get? Communal punishment. Somali businesses and individuals promptly gazetted as terror suspects without due process. Few months; those entities are allowed to resume business. The Kenyan street as docile as ever. No one asks how these people were accused and how they were acquitted.
Things happen in this country, no one knows why they happened. No one know who and why and what.

Why complain when an American media house questions whether Kenya is a hotbed of terror? It’s just plain stupid. There is so much terror in this country; by al-Shabaab, by your political elites, by your cattle rustlers and thieves and tribal militias. And, more importantly, by your security agencies. Why not complain about that instead of screaming about what CNN says?

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