Snapchat shines light on Nairobi


Life in Nairobi is full of fun. That’s at least according to Snapchat.

On Monday, the social media company launched a “Nairobi Life” channel, where it showed snaps from users in Nairobi to the rest of the world.

Videos showed by Snapchat include a group of friends on top of one of the tallest buildings in Nairobi, KICC, singing the famous Jambo song.

This is the first time Snapchat has featured Nairobi on its “Life” series section. Cities like Riyadh, Los Angeles and Mumbai have previously been featured on Snapchat’s Life Story. Only users in a given city can submit their videos but the videos can be viewed by everyone on Snapchat.

It means that you can upload pictures you take on Snapchat to the shared Nairobi story where, if picked by Snapchat, it will be visible to the entire world for 24 hours. Just make sure your location-tracking is on if you want to be picked.

The snaps have made Snapchat users outside the country nostalgic for Nairobi life.

However, some users wondered how people in Kenya could have access to the Internet and smartphones.

In the videos, Snapchat showed Kenya’s flag, but it got the order of the colors of the flag wrong.

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