Somali human trafficker sentenced to 30 years in prison in Italy


An Italian court Friday sentenced a Somali human trafficker to 30 years in prison for being responsible for the capsizing of a boat near the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013.

Mohamud Elmi Muhiyadin, 34, was also convicted of kidnapping, torture and rape against immigrants, the Italian daily newspaper Avvenire reported Friday.

A group of immigrants, who survived the shipwreck, recognized Mohamud at the reception centre in Lampedusa, where he arrived with another boat a few days after the disaster, which killed more than 350 people in October 2013.

Mohamud was brutally attacked by the survivors of the shipwreck in the immigrant centre on Lampedusa when he arrived there on October 25 after making the boat crossing from Libya himself.

In November 2013, he was arrested in Lampedusa for allegedly being one of the organizers of a criminal smuggling gang of at least 50 Somali and Sudanese people, according to authorities.

Using wiretaps and the testimony of eight survivors of of the October 3 shipwreck, the Italian court also arrested five other people in the city of Agrigento and two in Rome, while the two leaders of the human trafficking ring, identified in Libya and Sudan, have been issued international arrest warrants.

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