Somali man shot dead through his apartment door in Alberta

A Somali man was shot dead in his apartment in Fort McMurray city in Canada’s Alberta province as he was answering a knock at his door on Monday night, CBC News reported.

“My brother, he was shot through the door before he even touched the door knob, before he even opened the door,” said his brother, Ahmed Mattan, who also lives in the same apartment.

Mustafa Mattan, 28, was a university graduate in health sciences who was working hard to save money for a wedding, according to his brother.

“So the killer, whoever he or she might be, they didn’t even know who they were killing apart from the fact we were living in that apartment,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed said his brother never committed a crime and never hurt anybody.

“He was the nicest, quietest, shyest, most humble person you will ever meet, and he was obviously taken too soon from us,” he said.

Mustafa moved from Ottawa to Alberta less than a month ago. In Ottawa, he was a member of the Assalam Mosque and people described him as a religious person and a role model who mentored young people.

“He was a regular member of our congregation — a quiet, unassuming young man. The last guy you would think would be murdered in a violent way,” said mosque president Adbulhakim Moalimishak according to Ottawa Sun.

Mohamud Barre, a childhood friend of Mustafa, has already crowd-funded more than $4,000 to help the Mattan family cover funeral expenses.

“Please just come forward and tell us why you did this to somebody who didn’t deserve to die,” said Ahmed, Mustafa’s brother.

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