Somali Police Arrest 2 Lovers Over Steamy Facebook Messages

In a stunning development that has shocked thousands of Somalis in Mogadishu and around the world, Somali police on Monday arrested two people after discovering explicit, private love messages in their Facebook inboxes, officials confirmed today.

How the Somali police hacked into the Facebook accounts of the two lovers, and even more puzzling, how one journalist who was later arrested, got caught up in the mystery, only God knows.

facebook-messagesThe Committee for the Promotion of Somaliness and Prevention of Qurbajoog, a special unit formed within the Mogadishu police department, has been monitoring Canbaro Moogaay (“Clueless”)’s Facebook account for the past two weeks, and after gathering enough evidence, arrested Moogaay and her lover Xariif Bootaale, said head of the committee Sheikh Ali Karbaashe (“Kick-Ass”).

The two were regarded as a threat to the “communal harmony and the very essence of Somaliness,” he said.

Mogadishu Police Chief Maxamed Garweyne said the police department was responding to “massive chatter” about clandestine Facebook love between two Mogadishu lovers on the scale of the Somali legendary lovers Hodan Cabdulle Walanwal and Cilmi Boodheri.

He finally arrested Moogaay and Bootaale, originally from Minneapolis and London respectively, amid concerns that the fame they were getting could disrupt the relative peace in the capital.

The lovebirds were taken into custody for repeatedly violating the police prohibition against “engaging in Facebook love,” the police chief said.

“Moogaay and Bootaale’s love affair is becoming extremely dangerous to the community,” Garweyne told Sahan Journal. “We have found some troubling messages in their inboxes. The guy asked the young woman the color of her knickers. That’s beyond ridiculous.”

Karbaashe said he takes special delight in tormenting the misguided Qurbajoogs, or the Somali diaspora, who have returned to Mogadishu to partake of the booming trade, amongst other goodies.

These lot have recently been in the news for frolicking in the newly liberated pristine Lido Beach and behaving in scandalous “un-Somali” ways such as free mixing of the sexes and uncovering what God intended to be concealed.

Karbaashe, a tech-savvy officer with masters of information technology from MIT and some 50,000 followers on his twitter handle, @ihave1000_eyes, said he will continue his campaign targeting Qurbajoogs who “have relocated with their indecency to Mogadishu.”

The love story between Moogaay and Bootaale came to light after Shabelle Radio’s intrepid journalist Libaax Sankataabte aired an interview with the two lovers in a radio call-in session and had several love songs of famous singers Farxiya Fiska and Nimco Dareen dedicated to the lovebirds by members of the public.

In the live program, the lovers described how they have been exchanging sweet love messages via Facebook since they met at the Village Restaurant in Mogadishu on a warm Friday evening.

Sankataabte was later arrested for broadcasting the licentious interview which was deemed contrary to “public decency,” according to Media Advisory Council Chairman Ahmed Ilkadheere (“Buck Teeth”).

Police chief Garweyne showed Sahan Journal two Facebook messages, found in Bootaale’s iPhone, which were addressed to “My one and only” and signed “Moogaay.”

Macaane (sweetie), the love I have for you is deeper and wider than the seven seas and the seven oceans,” one of the messages reads.

“The mere thought of you makes my heart go dhag dhag dhag like Fiska’s song. Your gacaliso, Moogaay.”

The arrest comes two weeks after dozens of football fans were arrested in Mogadishu’s Wadajir neighborhood for predicting which team would win the English Premier League.

The Committee for the Promotion of Somaliness and Prevention of Qurbajoog considers predicting the outcome of football matches a form of gambling, a crime punishable by 15 lashes in the country’s penal code.


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