OpEd: How constant violence shapes a nation

Al-Shabaab’s attack on Jazeera Palace Hotel in Mogadishu on Sunday killed at least 12 people, most of them pedestrians or motorists. It wounded many more. Before we rush to judge or ask why the Somali government is so ineffective, it’s imperative to understand the cultural psychology that shape people’s responses. When instability and conflict and… Continue reading…

OpEd: Complaining about CNN’s coverage of Kenya is ‘plain stupid’

I have no idea what Kenyans are complaining about. Incidents of violence, whether politically motivated or just criminally driven, happen with abandon. Worse, most are being forgotten without any resolution; who instigated them, who was involved, where are they, dead, alive, inside the country, outside of it. Cases of insecurity just come and go. Westgate?… Continue reading…

Kenyans are furious at CNN for calling Kenya ‘terror hotbed’ ahead of Obama visit

On the eve of President Obama’s trip to Kenya on Thursday, CNN aired a report in which it called Kenya a “region that’s a hotbed of terror.”

#WalkofHope: Kenya’s northeastern residents to walk 1,000 kilometers

Hundreds of residents from northeastern Kenya Saturday started an 800-kilometer walk dubbed “Walk of Hope” that aims to create awareness about the region’s deteriorating security and lack of development.

Hassan Turki, Somali jihadist ideologue, dies

Hassan Abdullahi Hirsi, an al-Shabaab theologian and one of the leading founders of jihadist movements in Somalia, died Wednesday night in Hargeysa Yerey in the Middle Jubba region. He was 73.

OpEd: The root causes of terrorism and solutions

Terrorism is using violence against civilians to achieve social, religious or political gains. It can also be termed as violence against legitimate authority, on the basis that such violence undermines the social contract built on the existing democratic system of governance, as in Egypt, after the coup against legitimately elected president by the army who… Continue reading…

Covering terror attacks in Kenya as Somali journalist

On the morning of April 2, I was in my house in Garissa performing dawn prayers. Suddenly, what I thought was a cracking sound from a construction site nearby, vibrated through the air. But a keen listen to the sound changed my thoughts.

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