Relationships in Flux (Part 3): Somali Stories

This is part three of a series on true stories of some Somalis in America and their relationships. The series is part of a book the writer is finishing titled, “Courtship and Marriage: The Somali Experience in America.” The author has interviewed three dozen people whose names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons…. Continue reading…

A conversation with Somali author Hassan M. Abukar

Editor’s Note: Hassan M. Abukar, a contributing writer to Sahan Journal, has been chronicling the lives of Somalis, whether they are in Somalia and in the diaspora. A gifted writer, Hassan has also extensively written about Somalia’s politics and security.

After a Disastrous War, Mogadishu Regains its Lost Moxie

THE ROAD BACK HOME begins before dawn. Before the rose pink light of the day breaks the skyline, the long queues of people at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport form in a procession-like fashion. Here, almost every day of the week, hundreds of Somalis – and a few non-Somalis – shove and shriek at each… Continue reading…

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