Facebook and Relationships: Blessing or Curse?

Within recent memory, my then wife got mad at me for something I said. What was I thinking? In truth, I wasn’t thinking. However, what was an infraction in my eyes was a felony in hers. I talked to her, clarified my intention, and apologized profusely. I was still in the doghouse, but slowly I… Continue reading…

U.S. Places Somali-American Man on No-Fly List; Then Adds His Older Brother to FBI’s ‘Most-Wanted Terrorist’ List

A Somali-American man from northern Virginia, who was added to FBI’s “Most-Wanted Terrorists” list on Thursday for being an al-Shabaab recruiter, went into hiding to avoid harassment from the FBI, an attorney representing the al-Shabaab suspect’s younger brother told The Associated Press.

Somali Police Arrest 2 Lovers Over Steamy Facebook Messages

In a stunning development that has shocked thousands of Somalis in Mogadishu and around the world, Somali police on Monday arrested two people after discovering explicit, private love messages in their Facebook inboxes, officials confirmed today. How the Somali police hacked into the Facebook accounts of the two lovers, and even more puzzling, how one… Continue reading…

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