How to overcome al-Shabaab in Kenya

Two of his photographs are making rounds on social media. In one photograph, he is wearing a neat black suit, a matching tie with a white shirt. He stands between a pair of other professional-looking men. His big smile. His great panache.  This looks like a man destined for eminence. You can’t imagine what lurks… Continue reading…

To condemn or not condemn al-Shabaab: Somalis respond to Ken Menkhaus

Ken Menkhaus, an American professor of political science at Davidson College in North Carolina who specializes on Somalia and the Horn of Africa, recently posted an article “defending” what he called the Somali community’s “collective silence” on social media about the Garissa attacks.

#GarissaAttack: How Kenyan media covers terrorist attacks

On Thursday April 2, four gunmen made their way into Garissa’s pioneer institution of higher education – Garissa University College – and, starting the early hours of the morning, killed 148 students at dawn.

When will this stop: Terror in my country Kenya

My cry goes out to the victims of crime. I cry for all the victims that succumbed to the austerity of insecurity in my country since time immemorial.  Those swept by the strident blades of inhumane perpetrators. Perpetrators who freely torture and kill innocent lives of my Kenyan brothers and sisters. At times, I wonder… Continue reading…

What the Garissa attack means for locals

The worst attack on Kenyan soil, after the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, occurred on Thursday morning in Garissa in northeastern Kenya. Four al-Shabaab militants entered a university in Garissa and killed 147 people, according to Kenyan disaster agency.

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