Professionals from northeastern Kenya discuss education crisis in the region

The education crisis in the semi-arid northeastern region of Kenya took centre stage Saturday during the inaugural North Eastern Counties University Students Association conference held in Nairobi. The convention, “Ideas of today realities of tomorrow,” enticed students, professionals and politicians who hail from the three counties, which have often complained of massive marginalization from successive… Continue reading…

#WalkOfHope: Why I trekked 800 kilometers

On June 10, 2015, I decided to join the #WalkOfHope, an initiative that was meant to raise awareness about the state of neglect in northeastern Kenya. I was made aware of the walk by a friend who was in Nairobi.

An encounter with Somali hospitality

I wake up wondering where I am. Around me, within reach, are wattle and daub walls. Inches from the foot of the reed bed is a curtain partition from the other side of which I could see shadowy figures. Sahan Journal Then I remember that I’m spending a weekend with a Somali family in Bodhai… Continue reading…

#WalkOfHope in Wajir, 400 kilometers into epic trek

#WalkofHope participants in northeastern Kenya covered 400 kilometers by Thursday evening, half way through the 800 kilometers trek. The trek, which began June 13 at the Tana River bridge in Garissa County with about 300 volunteers and aimed at creating awareness about the region’s insecurity and underdevelopment, made its way to Wajir town June 25… Continue reading…

Young Somali man’s journey from matatu tout to CEO

At the centre of the bustling city of Nairobi along Kenyatta Avenue, next to the famous New Stanley Hotel is Pan Afric Life Insurance house, an inconspicuous old-style building, different from the glass and steel structures that are typical of Nairobi.

#WalkofHope: Kenya’s northeastern residents to walk 1,000 kilometers

Hundreds of residents from northeastern Kenya Saturday started an 800-kilometer walk dubbed “Walk of Hope” that aims to create awareness about the region’s deteriorating security and lack of development.

Garissa children, victims of circumstance

To many Somalis of my generation, education was (and still is) the way out of the dusty villages we were born in and the attendant backbreaking labor. I cannot emphasize enough how schooling has had a great impact on our lifestyles, from that of our nomadic ancestors to a new, modern world, a world that… Continue reading…

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