OpEd: Complaining about CNN’s coverage of Kenya is ‘plain stupid’

I have no idea what Kenyans are complaining about. Incidents of violence, whether politically motivated or just criminally driven, happen with abandon. Worse, most are being forgotten without any resolution; who instigated them, who was involved, where are they, dead, alive, inside the country, outside of it. Cases of insecurity just come and go. Westgate?… Continue reading…

Covering terror attacks in Kenya as Somali journalist

On the morning of April 2, I was in my house in Garissa performing dawn prayers. Suddenly, what I thought was a cracking sound from a construction site nearby, vibrated through the air. But a keen listen to the sound changed my thoughts.

OpEd: Al-Shabaab attacks a test of Kenyan tolerance

I am writing this piece as a Somali-American who is horrified by the barbaric attack at Garissa University College last week by al-Shabaab. I am also writing this article as an individual who has lived in Kenya between 2004 and 2006 as a high school student in Nairobi. At that time, and now with many years… Continue reading…

Garissa massacre and the dissemination of graphic photos

In her seminal collection of essays aptly titled “On Photography,” Susan Sontag explores the depth and breadth of how images “educate” us on a daily basis.

Kenya freezes accounts of Somali businesses, shuts hawalas

Nairobi, KENYA — The Kenyan government froze the bank accounts Tuesday of nearly 90 prominent Somali business people, non-profit organizations and closed all Somali-owned money transfer companies in the country.

To condemn or not condemn al-Shabaab: Somalis respond to Ken Menkhaus

Ken Menkhaus, an American professor of political science at Davidson College in North Carolina who specializes on Somalia and the Horn of Africa, recently posted an article “defending” what he called the Somali community’s “collective silence” on social media about the Garissa attacks.

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