On Relationships: Getting Along with In-Laws.

The scene is a café where two men are chatting. One of them gloats and says, “My mother-in-law is an angel.” The other sighs and says, “You are lucky—mine is alive.” In another case, a man laments: “My mother-in-law and I were happy for 20 years. Then, I met her.”

Mixed Somalis Are No Strangers to Awkward Questions

When Zulaikha, a light-skinned red head, was in kindergarten, she had an epiphany. She found out that her Somali mother was unique. At the time, Zulaikha was a student in a predominantly white school in California. When the young children saw a black woman picking her up after classes and sometimes volunteering at their school,… Continue reading…

It is No Joke Marrying a White Bloke

“So, what is it like being married to a mzungu?” a lady at the counter of the immigration office in Mombasa asked me. I was there to renew my passport and she was going through the bit on the form on spouse details. “It’s okay,” I replied. “But how does it compare to being married… Continue reading…

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