Global Somali women launch movement to play an important role in politics

Speaking thousands of miles away from their homeland, a group of Somali women from the diaspora Saturday night launched a movement in Minneapolis that would advocate for equal political representation for women in Somalia’s government.

Somali man killed in shooting in Minneapolis

A Somali man was shot dead early Sunday morning outside Karmel Mall, a popular Somali shopping center in Minneapolis. Minneapolis police responded to reports of shots fired near 2 a.m. at the intersection of Pillsbury Avenue S. and W. Lake Street. When they arrived, they found the body of a man left on the street…. Continue reading…

Somali family in Minnesota reaches $3 million settlement with school

The family of Abdullahi Charif, a 12-year-old who drowned last year in the swimming pool of a middle school in Minnesota, has reached a $3 million settlement with the school district, the family’s attorneys said Thursday.

On CNN, 2 Somali-Americans clash over anti-terror program in Minnesota’s Somali community

The U.S. government is partnering with Somali groups and mosques in Minnesota as the community struggles on how to combat and stop Somali youth from becoming radicalized and recruited by militant groups such as ISIS and al-Shabaab.

Minnesota governor appoints Somali-American cart driver to Twin Cities airports commission

A Somali man in Minnesota who works as a cart driver at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) will be the first Somali-American to have a seat on the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), the governing body that operates the Twin Cities international airport.

Minnesota police offer cash reward for information on the killers of Somali man

Police in Minnesota’s Roseville town are seeking the public’s help in finding the killers of a Somali man who was severely beaten in a Roseville park in late December.

Minnesota Man Led Deadly al-Shabaab Attack on Somali Parliament Last Year

A Somali-American man led a deadly terror attack on the Somali parliament in May, in which at least four police officers were killed, al-Shabaab said in a new video released Thursday. The video showed Ibrahim Abdirahman Mohamed holding an AK-47 and later speaking into the camera in English. A source confirmed to Sahan Journal that… Continue reading…

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