Somalia: #GenerationHope

It is not the dynamism of creative business class bringing new ideas and innovations. It is not even the political male elites scrambling for power, as we get closer to elections.

Fursad Fund and the revival of Somali sufficiency

Since fleeing the civil war in Somalia as a child in the early 1990s, I have lived most of my life in Europe. I heard about Somalia only through the prism of western media, which portrayed the country in a very negative light. The media primarily focused on piracy operations in Puntland, the terrorism activities… Continue reading…

For Somali-Ethiopians, life under TPLF rule worse than DERG regime

The most damning aspect of our communal character as Somali-Ethiopians is our inability to engage in a dispassionate analysis of politics and power dynamics. Instead of trying to understand and predict the behaviors of our rulers through political economy analysis, we invent emotional stories and comparisons and seek an easy way out of our seemingly unending… Continue reading…

Black is beautiful, don’t bleach your skin

The search for beauty is something as old as humanity and doesn’t really surprise many of us, but a recent radio advert for a skin-bleaching cream that guaranteed turning dark skin into light one within a few days without any side-effects shocked me.

Why I call Dadaab home

I was jolted by what Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto said on Saturday, April 11, when he visited Nyeri County in Kenya’s central region. He gave the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees three months to relocate the refugees in Dadaab camps to Somalia, and if this is not done, he went on to say, the government would… Continue reading…

Somali man in Georgia helps refugees get settled in their new lives in America

A Somali man in the U.S. city of Clarkston in Georgia brings joy to Somali children who recently arrived in the city as refugees.

OpEd: #CadaanStudies, Do not fall for the bigot and racist Somali diaspora.

Now and again the Somali diaspora community on social media jump on a bandwagon of bigotry, racism and self-righteousness. This is why I only have 214 tweets, and every time I try to engage in a thought provoking topic the herd comes out.

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