Reflection on Hassan M. Abukar’s ‘Mogadishu Memoir’

Hassan Abukar, Somali writer, who left Mogadishu in 1978 at the age of 18, has recently written a memoir on his early life in the city.

Close, yet far away

Excerpted from chapter one of Mogadishu Memoir by Hassan M. Abukar (AuthorHouse, 2015). The book is available at Amazon. * * * “Go, greet your father,” my mother commanded me. 

A conversation with Somali author Hassan M. Abukar

Editor’s Note: Hassan M. Abukar, a contributing writer to Sahan Journal, has been chronicling the lives of Somalis, whether they are in Somalia and in the diaspora. A gifted writer, Hassan has also extensively written about Somalia’s politics and security.

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