Second woman from diaspora announces candidacy for president of Somalia

Anab Mohamud pictured at Sheraton Hotel in Minneapolis on June 13, 2015. [Sahan Journal]

Anab Mohamud pictured at Sheraton Hotel in Minneapolis on June 13, 2015. [Sahan Journal]

Anab Mohamed Dahir has been thinking about Somalia ever since she came back from Mogadishu in 2013.

Now, Anab, who lives in the Minnesota town of St. Cloud, wants to do something to change Somalia’s current situation. She’s declared candidacy for president of Somalia.

Anab will be the second woman from the diaspora to vie for the country’s top seat.

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In an interview with Sahan Journal in June, Anab said she went to Somalia in 2013 to assess the country’s situation. That’s the first time she visited Somalia since 1989, when she left the country.

During the visit, Anab said she saw street children being neglected and sniffing glue, and internally displaced persons living without shelters. As a mother, that affected her personally, she said.

“The current government is trying to do its best,” she said, “but it has a bad leadership.”

There’s also a lack of security in the country, she said, and for the security to improve, the country needs honest leadership.

“I’ll be a true leader,” the mother of six said.

Anab came close to holding a public office last year when she considered running for St. Cloud City Council.

If elected to Villa Somalia, She said she will form a strong national army that will bring back security across the country.

“My goal is, I want to be the woman who is challenging the man,” Anab told the St. Cloud Times. “Now, it’s the turn of women.”

Anab is an interpreter for medical clinics in St. Cloud. She wants to study political science at St. Cloud State University.

Anab said she wants the public to vote for the country’s leader in 2016 because she considers the current system, where parliamentarians select the president, to be unfair.

“The parliament is corrupt,” she said. “They will sell their votes to the highest-bidding candidate.”

Anab said she’ll go back to Somalia early next year to publicize her campaign across the county.

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